Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving from North Carolina to New Mexico

We arrived in Albuquerque, NM last night at sunset.  A magical welcoming rainbow appeared in the Sandia Mountains just as we came over the ridge. After blogging and posting paintings daily for so many years, I have stepped back to let some ideas simmer. I am still paintings (almost daily) but I have been preoccupied with preparing, mentally and physically, for a move from North Carolina to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My best art comes when I am completely immersed in the flow of creating. Trying to paint, when other thoughts are whirling around in my  head makes for weak paintings. They are stacking up, waiting for a time when I can give them my full attention and possibly bring them to completion. Maybe in August when we have a clear moving plan, or September when I take a break from teaching, or October when we are settled in in New Mexico, or ...

we will see.

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