Thursday, October 4, 2012

Orchid Faces, Watercolor

When something major is happening in my life, like moving across country, much of my psychic energy is devoted to reorienting. The land is dramatically different with purple mountains and dusty tan earth. The food flavors are exotic with smoked Paprika and chilies everywhere. The air is dry and thin. My skin the same.

I  have buried myself in interesting text books and I am busy learning the culture at Southwestern College. I love it, but it's taking all of my attention.

My watercolors are out and wet and ready and every day I drag my brush across the paper waiting for something to catch fire. I guess the higher level of consciousness required for inspired painting just isn't accessible to me yet.

I am posting a piece I started in August and laid on the finishing touches today, just to assure myself that I can still paint.


  1. Your flowers are very lively and vibrant. Beautiful and lovely work.