Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ireland's Watercolor Doorway

I began this painting yesterday as a demonstration when a little girl confidently told me the red door should be open.She was right.  This little detail adds an element of intrigue to the story the painting is telling.
Thank you Ireland.


  1. Hi Mrs Hautman. I don't understand painting art but I think i like the way you paint when i see this blog from top to toe.
    I'm not sure this's your personal blog or someone represent for you, but i think you should know that.
    Have a nice day.
    P/s: i'm an amateur translator in the internet. I do it for free and because of my hobbies. I hope someday you can allow me to use your painting to illustrate.

  2. hi ms.Amy :)
    I like this painting, I don't know's cute! hihi
    nice to seen your blog^^